Remote Camera Systems

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Remote Camera Systems

Panasonic provides a comprehensive range of remote camera systems that facilitate superior HD and SD, indoor and outdoor video production, even in difficult shooting conditions.

30067Integrated PTZ cameras 

Our integrated HD/SD pan/tilt professional camera range brings an industry-leading blend of outstanding broadcast-quality video, smooth pan/tilt/zoom operation, and …

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30067Convertible HD Cameras

Wherever they are used, our convertible HD cameras ensure the very best picture quality from various angles, even in difficult shooting conditions. Choose the …

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30067Pan-tilt heads

Panasonic’s heavy-duty, high-performing pan/tilt professional camera range guarantees production quality video for a variety of applications. Smooth, super quiet, …

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30067Control panels, CCU, and Converter

Every model in our professional pan/tilt camera range can be suitably controlled with our multi-function, high-performance pan/tilt camera controllers. With full camera …

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The range includes ultra-wide angle cameras, convertible HD models, indoor and outdoor pan-tilt heads, industry leading integrated PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras, plus multi-function high-performance, pan-tilt controllers suitable for all professional and broadcast applications. From panoramic shots of a sports field to close-up animal observations, indoor arenas to outdoor news and events, Panasonic has created a precision remote camera solution.

Capture all the action with our 180° ultra wide-angle camera four AW-HE120 HD cameras can be assembled into a single configuration to produce 4 x wide (64:9) panoramic images that are seamlessly stitched together in real time. Compact, lightweight and easy to set up, the system also features a PTZ automatic adjustment function so the angle of all four cameras is automatically adjusted upon set up. What’s more, the HD 4x resolution means picture quality remains crystal sharp even when images are enlarged. Compact HD, versatile cameras – perfect for a range of applications

Our range of convertible HD cameras varies in specification from 2/3 type with 1 or 3 mega pixels CCD and all feature horizontal spatial offset, producing exceptional image quality. Combine these compact cameras with our pan-tilt head models and you’re able to build a totally flexible system that can shoot from different angles and offer a wide range of applications, including sports, auditoriums and news. They can also act as tower cameras or work with studio Teleprompters. The AK-HC1800 includes an Intelligent Function that ensures automatic colour and lighting adjustments, even in frequently changing outdoor environments. While the AW-HE870 has a built-in Down Converter, making it a flexible and cost-effective choice for rental and other mixed HD/SD applications. Smooth, quiet, pan-tilt heads – perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

We have a comprehensive choice of pan-tilt heads from high speed, ultra-quiet models ideal for indoor use, to waterproof designs for stable shooting in wet weather. Pan/tilt speeds vary up to 90°/s and you’re sure to catch all the action with pan angles of up to 400° and tilt angles of up to 300°. All pan-tilt heads in the range are designed to operate quietly, with noise levels varying from under NC40 to under NC30. With up to 50 pre-set positions and 10 tracing memories you can achieve accuracy and reliability across countless locations and events. We also offer a number of HD Integrated PTZ Cameras that allow image monitoring by IP connection with a PC. Featuring Full-HD MOS sensor, Optical 18x zoom lens and 10x digital zoom they can be used for new and varied applications, such as TV Conferences, Animal Observations, Medical Distance Diagnostics or Education.

Control up to 100 cameras with our choice of pan-tilt controllers Our multi-function, high-performance pan-tilt camera controllers can be used to control any of our pan-tilt camera range. Most models give you the ability to control up to five cameras and five pan-tilt heads via an LCD menu, with smooth movement guaranteed by a joystick controller. However, the AW-RP120 remote camera controller with IP connection enables simple system configuration for controlling up to 100 remote cameras and the simultaneous use of multiple controllers. We’ve also added colour adjustment dials and other camera adjustment functions to this newly designed control panel, making it ideal for lots of applications such as event, conference hall, public facility, wedding and broadcasting use. Select the links below to find out more or click on the contact button if you’d like to discuss your particular requirements.